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Students participating in the internship can use the books preserved in the library of the organization free of charge.


  • Amendments to the rules of European court 14.03.2013
  • European Convention on Human Rights;
  • Material Condition of the Victims of the War of August 2008
  • Civil Society and the Rose Revolution in Georgia;
  • ”One Hundred News Hospitals” for Georgia: How Long Will They Last? 2006-2007;
  •  Black Sea Commission On Conflicts (activity report);
  • Georgian-Ossetia peacemaking movement “Kazbegi process”;
  • South-Caucasus institute of Regional ecurity;
  • Studien zur Landerbezogenen konflic analise Georgian;
  • European Neighborhood Policy and Georgia;
  • Black Sea Region in the Changing European Context;
  • Amnesty International Report 2006 The state of the world’s human rights;
  • Barak Obama President of USA;
  • Human Rights;
  • The Civil Rights Movement and The Legacy of Martin Luther King;
  • What is Democracy;
  • Intellectual Property Rights ;
  • Us Government;
  • Basic Reading in US democracy;
  • American Life and Institutions;
  • Intellectual Property Rights; About America (Constitution);
  • About America ;
  • US Legal System;
  • American Life and Constitution;
  • The Challenge Of Democracy;
  • World Conference Against Racism;
  • International Convention On Migrant Workers and its Committee;
  • Practical Activities for primary and secondary schools;
  • Steadfast In Protest; annual report 2007;
  • WOMEN profiling the situation in Georgia;
  • On the status of observance and protection of the Rights of Ukrainian;
  • Citizens Abroad special reports of the Ukrainian parliament commissioner for Human Rights;
  • Handbook for the Protection of Internationally Displaced Persons;
  • Making Globalizatin Work for the least Developed Countries;
  • United nation In Georgia Bulletin
  • The least Developed Countries Report 2008;
  • Steadfast in Protest /Foreword by Roberto Saviano/ Annual Report 2009;
  • Human Rights defenders: Protecting the Rights to Defend Human Rights;
  • Human Rights in Europe: time to honor our pledges/ Viewpoints by Thomas Hammaerberg Commissioner For Human Rights;
  • Human Rights in Ukraine –2008 Human Rights Organization report
  • Penitentiary System of Ministry of justice of The Republic of Armenia in 2008;
  • France: the offence of solidarity /stigmatization, repression and intimidation of migrants’ rights defenders; June 2009
  • Universal Declaration of human Rights /Dignity and Justice for all of us


  • Закон Грузии о Государственном надзоре над деятельностью органов местного самоуправления 08.96.2007;
  • Закон Грузии о Государственном надзоре над деятельностью органов местного самоуправления 08.96.2007;
  • Эффективность правосудия;
  • Сборник материалов 3-ей международной конференции судей 200
  • Всемирная конференция по борьбе против расизма, расовой дискриминации, ксенофобии и связанной с ними нетерпимости -
  • Деятельность специальных докладчиков оргаизации объединенных нации: 17 вопросов и ответов ;
  • Дискриминация в отношении женщин: конвенция и комитет;
  • Права человека;
  • Международный пакт о гражданских и политических правах;
  • Основные международные договоры по правам человека;
  • Вопрос о Палестине и Организация Объединенных Нации;


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