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Issue #8, October 2012
Human Rights Priority welcomes the October 3 resolution of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) that defines concrete criteria for what is a “political prisoner”.
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Issue #7, September 2012
Election of five new judges and a new president of the European Court of Human Rights
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Issue #6, August 2012
Considerable reform of European Court of Human Rights has been ongoing in the recent years. The reform is aimed to decrease loaded work of the ECtHR. Adoption of several important documents is connected to the reform of ECtHR, such as Brighton, Izmir and Interlaken Declarations.
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Issue #5, July 2012
This month bulletin offers review of the cases at the ECtHR that concern Georgia in General and our organization also.
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Issue #4, December 2011
63 years ago, on December 10, 1948 the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Translated in 250 languages it served as a foundation of international human rights law and became a model for numerous international treaties, legislations and constitutions of the counties.
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Issue #3, September, 2011
Precedential Case Lawyers of Human Rights Priority made a final comments on the Government’s comments on a pending case at the European Court of Human Rights “Kadagishvili and 2 others v. Georgia”. The case is strategic one, as far as it concerns system and widespread violations of fundamental rights, such as: inhumane treatment of an seriously ill prisoner, expressed in the provision of inadequate medical treatment and prison conditions.
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Issue №2, June 2011
Letter to a Lifer Human Rights Priority initiates to start the campaign “Letter to a lifer”. The goal of the campaign is to evoke a hope in prisoners in order to make them feel themselves involved in the public life and spend years with the feeling that they too are ordinary people. Our organization offered to the state agency to start the implementation of the campaign.
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Issue №1, May 2011
Dear Reader We are pleased to introduce our first informational electronic monthly bulletin. It will reflect the most important recent news on human rights; will assist you in restoring violated fundamental rights. The rubrics will be changed in accordance to the vitality of the topics of the current month. We are open for your views, advices, critics and recommendations. Further we will try to make the bulletin more attracted to have more interest of you. Please contact us at: contact@hrp
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